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swollen eye

How to Manage a Horse with a Swollen Eye

Picture this: You head out to the barn after work, walk out to the field, reach around your horses head as you slide the halter on….and “GASP” it looks like he has been punched in the face!! His eye is…

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good bacteria

The Truth about Supplements: Equine Probiotics and Prebiotics

Supplements are always a hot topic in the barns. They are generally very available, inexpensive and easy to administer. Many supplements offer quick fixes for complex problems, such as preventing colic, halting the progression of joint disease, immune support, etc….

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cool barn fire image

Barn Fire Prevention

I am not sure about you, but I have several irrational fears about the safety of my horses. One of my all time scariest nightmares is to have a barn fire…. This week, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez has written a very…

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