Case Studies

Case Studies

We’ve compiled three case studies for your review. Our clinical team is readily available to discuss additional cases, as well as, consult on cases you are considering for Novobrace Treatment.

Success rates.  How do we define a successful outcome?  Generally speaking, we define success as the horse is currently sound and has returned to work.  The ultrasound images below are demonstrative of the Novobrace effect; the results are ultimately measured by horse’s return to work.

4 year old Quarter Horse Mare | LF SDF tendonitis

ultrasound equine horse
Diagnosis:  Central core lesion at the left front super digital flexor tendon, 03/25/2013.

Protocol:  Injected with Novobrace, 3/26/2013.  No side effects from injection.  Mare turned out to small paddock one week after treatment.  Standard Novobrace rehabilitation protocol followed.  Mare progressed without any setbacks.  At the time of recheck exam, the mare was sound.

Outcome:  Currently sound.  Less than seven months the mare was back in full training as a performance horse and she is currently sound.

5 year old Quarter Horse Stallion | RF SDF tendonitis

Diagnosis:  Right front super digital flexor tendon injury, 2013.

Protocol:  Injected with Novobrace, 11/1/2013.  No side effects from injection.  Standard Novobrace rehabilitation protocol followed.  At the time of recheck exam, the stallion had been turned out to small paddock and was showing no evidence of gait asymmetry.  Ultrasound examination performed approximately seven weeks after treatment showed evidence of rapid healing.

Outcome:  Currently sound.  Three months after injection, the horse was being ridden under saddle and returned to work completely seven months after treatment.

6 year old Quarter Horse Gelding | LF SDF tendon bow

Diagnosis:  Left front super digital flexor tendon bow, 2013.

Protocol:  Injected with Novobrace, 03/06/2013.  No side effects from injection.  Two weeks after treatment with Novobrace, stem cells were injected into the tendon.  Standard Novobrace rehabilitation protocol followed. The horse was turned out to small paddock approximately two weeks after Novobrace injection.  Approximately one month post injection, ultrasound examination revealed extensive healing.

Outcome:  Horse was sound and returned to work completely seven months after treatment.  Due to unrelated injury on another limb, the horse is now retired.