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In case of emergency: What should be in your barn emergency kit

If you spend enough time around horses, you are bound to experience some form of catastrophe.  It is because of the constant plight of the equine to try and injure themselves in the most unique inopportune way that an emergency…

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Understanding Equine Arthritis

What is arthritis? Arthritis in horses is a progressive, degenerative disease, or a “wear and tear” injury that typically affects older horses.  In other words, what is happening is slow breakdown of the articular cartilage. Articular cartilage is very important…

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Horse Anatomy- Suspensory ligament and Flexor tendons

Like most horse owners, I tend to obsess over my horse’s legs. I am constantly on the hunt for new lumps, bumps, cuts, swellings, thickenings, ticks, bug bites, etc. I remain in constant amazement that horses can be such athletes.  They…

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Stirrups and Sorrows

Last night, I logged onto facebook, expecting to see the usual; happy faces, vacations, engagements, marriages, new babies, and birthdays plastered all over my screen. But instead, I saw so much sorrow and tragedy across the nation. I saw posts…

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