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good bacteria

The Truth about Supplements: Equine Probiotics and Prebiotics

Supplements are always a hot topic in the barns. They are generally very available, inexpensive and easy to administer. Many supplements offer quick fixes for complex problems, such as preventing colic, halting the progression of joint disease, immune support, etc….

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Barn Fire Prevention

I am not sure about you, but I have several irrational fears about the safety of my horses. One of my all time scariest nightmares is to have a barn fire…. This week, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez has written a very…

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horses together

10 things your equine veterinarian secretly wishes they could tell you

I’ve seen a few of these articles around the internet, so I thought that it would be appropriate to make a list for horse owners. Here goes! We are not late because we decided to take a long lunch: Equine vets…

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ice horse

Preparing your horse for Winter

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, horse blankets have come out of storage and the time of snow, frozen ground and cold temperatures is going to be upon us in no time. We are struggling with the…

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Understanding Cancer in Horses

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in full swing, I thought that now would be a good time to discuss cancer in horses. Neoplasms in horses are relatively rare, affecting about 3% of horses. The majority of cancers affect the skin….

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Is your horse in pain? Understanding equine pain behavior.

Interpreting pain in horses is often very challenging. After all, we are humans and we communicate between each other using formal languages using words with well understood connotations. But, we do not speak “horse.” As I have discussed in a previous post, horses…

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horseshoe horse shoe luck

Mission Impossible: Keeping a Horse Sound

Horses have a special knack for injuring themselves…and it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time. I think that they do it on purpose right before a show, the night before a pre-purchase exam, or while you are…

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ultrasound equine horse

Understanding Equine Tendonitis

Tendonitis (a.k.a. “bowed tendon”) By definition, tendonitis is simply inflammation of a tendon. This is a very common injury in both sport horses and race horses. It can be acute or chronic. The horse usually shows some degree of lameness…

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