Novobrace Vetline

Thoroughbred Racehorses and saddlebred horses in Kentucky
How to Purchase Novobrace.

Novobrace is available for sale to licensed veterinarians in the USA.  Contact us directly to purchase.

We’re here to help.  Discuss your case with our veterinarians at no cost.

Our field veterinarian team is available to you at for consultation on your case.

The Novobrace vetline is available to offer veterinarians immediate over-the-phone support to answer any questions regarding Novobrace, case selections, procedure protocols and rehabilitation schedules. Additionally, we offer a consultation with a board certified veterinary radiologist for review of ultrasound images pertaining to the case.

There is no additional fee for this service. We are committed to helping you and your horse achieve optimal outcomes. We will review your case confidentially with you and your team to develop the best treatment plan. Contact our team with any questions by email: