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Novobrace is a revolutionary treatment for soft tissue injuries:  tendonitis, desmitis, and lesions in tendons and ligaments.  It allows early turnout and rapid return to work.  Over 90% of the horses treated with Novobrace to date have returned to work within seven months with zero percent of re-injury.

How does Novobrace work?

Novobrace, an injectable bioadhesive, treats soft tissue injuries in horses using our patented NEXT technology. Novobrace creates an internal, flexible cast within the tendon to immediately stabilize and to prevent the injury from spreading.  In creating a cast, Novobrace jump starts the organization of collagen to promote the return of the tendon to full strength.  Novobrace enables a horse to get into a rehabilitation program in as soon as two weeks and return to work time is cut in half when compared to other therapies.

What does Novobrace treat?

Tendonitis and Desmitis.
Novobrace treats tendonitis and desmitis with and without a core lesion. In either situation, Novobrace technology takes existing collagen and forms an internal brace for the injured tissue within an hour of treatment.

Treating  tendonitis.
Horses with tendonitis are susceptible to a tear because the tissue is damaged and swollen.  Novobrace provides an internal, flexible cast to stabilize the damaged tissue while the body’s healing process works to repair the injury.  Novobrace provides an environment where the tendon is no longer susceptible to further damage and facilitates faster recovery.

Treating core lesions.
When core lesions are present, fibers are torn or disrupted. Novobrace creates a scaffold, an internal flexible cast, that binds together the damaged collagen and provides a protected environment for new collagen to be laid down. Essentially, this scaffold provides a structure for the horse’s cells to start the healing process.

Can Novobrace be used in conjunction with other therapies?
Yes.  Novobrace may be used as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with regenerative therapies like stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Treatments are generally spaced a few weeks apart and have been shown to be advantageous when used together.  Read the Novobrace Advantage for more information.  Novobrace field service veterinarians are available to discuss your case with your veterinarian to develop an optimal treatment plan.

What to expect when your horse is being treated with Novobrace?
The Novobrace treatment takes approximately 15-20 minutes from prep to completion.  The protocol is simple and non-invasive.

On the day of treatment, your horse will be sedated, receive a local anesthetic and be sterilely prepped at the injection site. The typical protocol is a three injection series to the injured tendon or ligament. The three injection approach allows Novobrace to tie-in the non- injured collagen into the injured collagen and provide an optimal brace for strength and stability. The horse will given an anti-inflammatory, the area will be bandaged and the horse will be confined to a stall for 3-5 days depending on the advice of your veterinarian. During stall confinement, bandages will be changed daily and the injection sites should be monitored to ensure there is no excessive swelling, heat or pain. Notify your veterinarian of any significant changes.

When will my horse be able to return to work after treatment with Novobrace?
The rehab of your horse will be directed by your veterinarian. Typically, a horse will be in a stall from two weeks to thirty days, with hand walking beginning the first week followed by small paddock turn-out and/or some form of additional rehab. The horse’s activity will gradually increase until they are at full work, usually at 7 months post-treatment. This program helps maintain both physical fitness and mental soundness.

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