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Lameness Lingo

Horses have been around for a long time. And they have been hurting themselves for a long time (shocking, I know). So there are some interesting terms that have developed over the years to describe these various ailments. Here are…

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I bet you didn’t know this….Fun Facts about Horses

Here is some fun…horsey trivia to quiz your horse friends with! Horses drink 5-15 gallons of water per day                 There are approximately 58 million horses in the world       Horses…

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Horse Shoes for the Snow

When I moved “up north” from Florida I was totally clueless about how to manage my horses in the snow. I had a million questions, one of which was “What do I do about shoeing in the winter months?” I…

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horse in blanket

Blanketing 101

As temperatures are dropping into the single digits here in KY, the blankets are getting a work-out. I know that blanketing is a hot topic and I have read several well-researched articles about why horses should, shouldn’t wear blankets. which blankets are…

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A Horse’s Christmas List

This is not a list about the newest latest and greatest products for horses. The shiny new things are fun (and important) but your horse doesn’t care if you have the hottest new breeches or the spiffiest helmet. Chances are,…

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walk beside me

Tips on Training the Perfect “Barn Dog”

Does your vehicle resemble this: Dirty saddle pads in the back seat, muddy boots on the floor boards, polo wraps strewn about, a distinct aroma of manure/hay/and leather, and a dog in the the passenger seat? It seems like having…

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Bowed_Tendons (1)

What Exactly Is Novobrace?

I bet you are wondering what exactly Novobrace is…. Novobrace is a new treatment for soft tissue injuries such as bowed tendons and suspensory ligament desmitis. Novobrace is different than any other treatment because it is a “cross-linking agent.” This…

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swollen eye

How to Manage a Horse with a Swollen Eye

Picture this: You head out to the barn after work, walk out to the field, reach around your horses head as you slide the halter on….and “GASP” it looks like he has been punched in the face!! His eye is…

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ice horse

Preparing your horse for Winter

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, horse blankets have come out of storage and the time of snow, frozen ground and cold temperatures is going to be upon us in no time. We are struggling with the…

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4-H Equine to Equine Surgery Resident: Meet Molly Bellefeuille, DVM, MS

Dr. Molly Bellefeuille’s desire to focus on equine started at an early age with 4-H equine programs.  She also enjoyed showing performance quarter horses during her youth which bolstered her interests in horses even more.  Those experiences encouraged her to pursue her goal of…

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