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How to do a T-P-R

T-P-R Temperature, Pulse, Respiration By performing a simple and quick examination you can get loads of information about your horses physical state. This is a quick and easy exam that all horse owners should be familiar with The tools you…

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I bet you didn’t know this….Fun Facts about Horses

Here is some fun…horsey trivia to quiz your horse friends with! Horses drink 5-15 gallons of water per day                 There are approximately 58 million horses in the world       Horses…

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A Horse’s Christmas List

This is not a list about the newest latest and greatest products for horses. The shiny new things are fun (and important) but your horse doesn’t care if you have the hottest new breeches or the spiffiest helmet. Chances are,…

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walk beside me

Tips on Training the Perfect “Barn Dog”

Does your vehicle resemble this: Dirty saddle pads in the back seat, muddy boots on the floor boards, polo wraps strewn about, a distinct aroma of manure/hay/and leather, and a dog in the the passenger seat? It seems like having…

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swollen eye

How to Manage a Horse with a Swollen Eye

Picture this: You head out to the barn after work, walk out to the field, reach around your horses head as you slide the halter on….and “GASP” it looks like he has been punched in the face!! His eye is…

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ice horse

Preparing your horse for Winter

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, horse blankets have come out of storage and the time of snow, frozen ground and cold temperatures is going to be upon us in no time. We are struggling with the…

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Understanding Cancer in Horses

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in full swing, I thought that now would be a good time to discuss cancer in horses. Neoplasms in horses are relatively rare, affecting about 3% of horses. The majority of cancers affect the skin….

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Is your horse in pain? Understanding equine pain behavior.

Interpreting pain in horses is often very challenging. After all, we are humans and we communicate between each other using formal languages using words with well understood connotations. But, we do not speak “horse.” As I have discussed in a previous post, horses…

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Understanding Equine Arthritis

What is arthritis? Arthritis in horses is a progressive, degenerative disease, or a “wear and tear” injury that typically affects older horses.  In other words, what is happening is slow breakdown of the articular cartilage. Articular cartilage is very important…

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horseshoe horse shoe luck

Mission Impossible: Keeping a Horse Sound

Horses have a special knack for injuring themselves…and it always seems to happen at the most inopportune time. I think that they do it on purpose right before a show, the night before a pre-purchase exam, or while you are…

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